Stephen Marriott Karate Achievements (2007-2019)

I was honoured to take my yondan in 2009 with Hirokazu Kanazawa Sensei and to compete at the the 10th SKIF World Championships. My last competition win was in 2017  where I took 1st place at the UAE Nationals in the Kumite Men’s Open Weight.

In 2008 I joined the JKR-UK Team for a training holiday in Tokyo, Japan. I was lucky to train at the Ryobukan JKR Hombu dojo under Konishi Soke II. I also trained in Okinawa at the IOGKF Budosai in 2019.

World Gishiki & IOGKF 40th Anniversary celebrations – Budosai, Okinawa

UAE Nationals Kumite Mens Open Weight 1st

SKKIF Nationals Mens Team Kumite 3rd Yamakai Dojo
SKKIF Nationals Kata 20yrs+ Mens Dan Grade 3rd
SKKIF Nationals Kumite Senior Men 20+ Years Dan Grades 4th

Yondan (4th Dan) – examiner Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa (SKIF)
England Team member, 10th SKIF World Championships, Athens
Times & Citizen Article

2nd visit to Japan, JKR-UK Karate Tour & 19th WKF Championships

SKIF National Examiner UK

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