Yamakai was originally formed by Sue Sylvester and Stephen Marriott in November 2002 and was known as the Silsoe Karate Club. However, following the split from TASK in October 2004, the club was renamed Yamakai (Mountain Association) Karate Club and affiliated to SKIF, headed by Hirokazu Kanazawa Kancho, 10th Dan.

The name Mountain Association was chosen as we felt it was appropriate as Kanazawa Kancho incorporates the symbol of a mountain in his signature.

In 2015 the dojo affiliated to the JKR-UK. Stephen Marriott’s work took him to Dubai, UAE and the Yamakai dojo was left in the capable hands of its members. Simon Oliver Sensei teaches there every Monday evening.

Stephen is looking forward to affiliating his next dojo in the UAE to the JKR.