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“I had an interest in Marital Arts from a young age. In the early 80’s it was difficult to find a Karate dojo. It wasn’t until 1985 that a Karate dojo opened near to where I lived, and I went and watched a demo. It was amazing, the black belts were awesome. I signed up immediately. I first met Simon Oliver Sensei in the late 90’s, and he introduced me to Shindo Jinen Ryu. Simon Sensei opened my eyes to the real-world of the applications of Kata. After meeting Simon Sensei, I attended as many of his courses as possible all over the UK. Simon is now not only my Sensei, but also a good friend. After many years of training and competing (including as part of the UK SKIF team in Japan and Athens), I established the Yamakai Karate Dojo in 2002 for my personal training and development, and started to attract a small but loyal following of like-minded karateka. I originally planned to work in Dubai for 1 year. That was in 2015. The Yamakai dojo was left in the capable hands of its members and Simon Oliver Sensei teaches there every Monday evening. Due to personal reasons and work availability I ended up working for longer in Dubai. I worked for Emirates for 5 years, as Senior Business Analyst and Product manager for safety, security and compliance. I was invited to teach Karate at their Martial Arts studio in the Emirates Aviation College. All cabin crew will go through self-defence training as part of their training from Emirates Group Security. I taught additional classes for dnata and Emirates staff, this included pilots, cabin crew, IT, medical, travel and catering. I have gone back to my dojo a few times when I visited the UK and plan to do so again after COVID-19. I stay in contact with Simon Oliver Sensei and my students. Dubai looks to be home for the near future. I’m registered with the Ryobukai, so I’ll hopefully open another dojo here soon.” @stevekarate – Dubai. @ryobukaisi @ryobukaidubai Help us grow this community by following us, leaving a comment or tagging a friend. Thanks! #martialarts #martialartist #karate #ryobukai #ryobukaikarate #ryobukaionefamily #dubai #dubaimartialarts #motivation #hardtraining #fist #punch #budo #judo #jkd #brucelee

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Stephen Marriott Karate Achievements (2007-2019)

I was honoured to take my yondan in 2009 with Hirokazu Kanazawa Sensei and to compete at the the 10th SKIF World Championships. My last competition win was in 2017  where I took 1st place at the UAE Nationals in the Kumite Men’s Open Weight.

In 2008 I joined the JKR-UK Team for a training holiday in Tokyo, Japan. I was lucky to train at the Ryobukan JKR Hombu dojo under Konishi Soke II. I also trained in Okinawa at the IOGKF Budosai in 2019.

World Gishiki & IOGKF 40th Anniversary celebrations – Budosai, Okinawa

UAE Nationals Kumite Mens Open Weight 1st

SKKIF Nationals Mens Team Kumite 3rd Yamakai Dojo
SKKIF Nationals Kata 20yrs+ Mens Dan Grade 3rd
SKKIF Nationals Kumite Senior Men 20+ Years Dan Grades 4th

Yondan (4th Dan) – examiner Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa (SKIF)
England Team member, 10th SKIF World Championships, Athens
Times & Citizen Article

2nd visit to Japan, JKR-UK Karate Tour & 19th WKF Championships

SKIF National Examiner UK