Konishi Yasuhiro 小西康裕

Konishi Yasuhiro the founder of our style Shindō Jinen-ryū is well known amongst Japanese Karate practitioner as one of the leading pioneers and supporting many of the now famous Okinawan Sensei that brought their martial arts to mainland Japan. Konishi Soke (Founder) was already an established Budōka with exceptional skill. He founded the Zen Nihon Karate-dō Renmei (today’s Renbukai) and was the first-generation vice president.

Konishi Soke was born in 1893 and came from Takamatsu City in the Kagawa Prefecture.

The Enduring Legacy of Yasuhiro Konishi

By Howard High

Karate’s Forgotten Pioneer

By Dave Lowry

Konishi Yasuhiro 小西康裕

By Andreas Quast

Konishi Yasuhiro (1893–1983)

The Establishment of the Ryobukan, Ryobukai and Shindō Jinen-ryū

Aragaki Sochin with Simon Oliver Sensei

JKRi January 2021 virtual seminar. Aragaki Sochin Kata – Shindo Jinen Ryu and Okinawan versions with applied application (bunkai, oyo, henka).

Simon Oliver Sensei (JKR-UK) – Aragaki Sochin Kata. Japan Karate-do Ryobukai.

Over 50 years of study, practical application, and obsessive interest in the martial arts means Simon Oliver delivers some of the most Dynamic martial arts Seminars around.

Simon Oliver and Yamazaki Sensei

Simon Oliver Sensei 7th Dan (JKR) Head Instructor and National Country Representative – JKR-UK.