Yama Kai Shotokan Karate
Cranfield University, Silsoe & Beadlow Manor, Shefford

Sue Sylvester 4th Dan
Senior Instructor

Sue Sylvester 4th Dan

Karate Achievements

TASK Kata Champion from 1995-2004

I decided to start training in karate when my husband and three children had been at Flitwick Dojo for some weeks. Having been continually excluded from their conversation
about 'gedan barai' I was determined to join them -(i.e if you can't beat them etc) I also was heavily influenced by the mystical David Carradine of 'Kung Fu' fame!

So in March 1987 I started to train with Sensei van Weenen and found every aspect of the training so challenging that I started to train 4-5 times a week. Eventually my children faded away to do other things, but I carried on with grim

I graded to Shodan in September 1991 - amazingly, as my initial goal was green belt. Since then I have learned not to set myself goals where karate is concerned!

My Nidan grading was in 1994, and I attained Sandan in March 1998, followed by Yondan in April 2004. I was graded by Sensei van Weenen and his panel of Senior Instructors on each occasion.

Also, I was fortunate enough to have been TASK Ladies Black Belt Kata Champion from 1995-2004 and have had some success competing in Ladies Kumite.

Running Cranfield University Club jointly with Mr Marriott is extremely enjoyable and, like him, I am still
training regularly and find Karate just as challenging as it was when I first began.

Sadly, and for many reasons, in October 2004 Sensei Marriott and myself parted company with TASK and affiliated to SKKIF, headed by the amazing Kanazawa Kancho 10th Dan. We look forward to the future and the opportunity to train with such a legend.


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